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Avatar of Woe token #gpvan  www.rkpost.net

I now have a very special print that means a lot to me on my site.  It’s a companion piece to True Love.   www.rkpost.net

I would tag the locations I have seen this mat in the last two years but I would run out of room.  #gpvan  www.rkpost.net

#classy  Brainstorm Brewery Kraken token prints are up on my website!  www.rkpost.net

Signing schedule

I travel. I sign stuff. I draw on stuff. I sell stuffs.

Wanna know where I am gonna be? Easy!


#PacificRim mat.  #gpvan

Pack rat tokens for Brian Kibler  #gpvan  www.rkpost.net

stoningcrows asked: Is there a place you post what events you'll be appearing at?

Heck yeah!  On my website!  Here is the linky doo.  http://www.rkpost.net/#!where/c222k

This coming weekend at Nerdy Stuffs in Tacoma! 

omegaplatinum asked: I met you at NYCC a few years ago. You signed my Avatars and then I went searching for a Sakashima but couldn't find one. Well, in the following years I've acquired one, and it needs a signature and possibly alteration! Any New York or general East Coast con plans in the future?

GP Atlanta in May and GP DC and M15 prerelease on Long Island in July.  Close enough?

werepuppydex asked: If i commissioned some art would you mind if i tattooed it on my body? Should i pay extra for that? Will you sign it?

I generally suck at tattoo design.  But I love it when people take art I’ve done and adapt it into a tattoo.  It’s all in the tattoo artist you choose…choose wisely.  If you do, you will get the best piece of work ever.

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